Parliament rubber stamps Mutembo as DPP

Parliament Tuesday afternoon ratified the appointment of Mutembo Nchito as Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Fifty (50) MPs from the opposition however objected Ncito’s appointment when the matter was put to a vote.

Eighty-six  (86) voted for the ratification. These are all PF MPs, plus MMD MPs who are serving as deputy minsters in the current regime.

During the debate, tempers flared as Chongwe Member of Parliament (MP), Silvia Masebo defended Mutembo Nchito saying he is a man of high integrity and was the right man for the job.

But Mbabala Member of Parliament, Ephraim Kaang’andu strongly opposed the appointment saying it was not in order to appoint an individual who is facing criminal charges and has not been cleared by the courts.

Muchinga Member of parliament George Kunda  said there is a negative perception and dark crowd hovering over the character of the nominee.

Kunda wondered how parliament could ratify the appointment of Nchito when investigations into the allegations against the defunct Zambian Airways of which he was Chief Executive officer have not been completed.

He said the danger with going ahead with the ratification is that the PF government might in future reopen the inconclusive cases against Nchito to blackmail him as DPP.

UPND Kalomo Member of Parliament Request Mutanga told the house that Nchito has a serious problem and will have to convince the Zambian people that he means well and will not persecute people.

Other MPs from the opposition who voted for Nchito are those who were in the select committee as they could not vote against their own committee.

Nchito has been facing criminal cases and a warn and caution statement was recorded against him in 2010.

In the morning president Sata swore in more deputy ministers from the opposition as deputy ministers.


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