Parliament to ratify Gondwe as BoZ governor

Parliament to ratify Gondwe as BoZ governor


Parliament is Thursday afternoon expected to ratify the appointment of Michael Gondwe as Bank of Zambia governor, according to radio Phoenix.

Dr.  Michael Gondwe is the president (CEO) of the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank or PTA Bank (Preferential Trade Area Bank) in short. PTA is currently headquartered BujumburaBurundi butbhas regional offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

Gondwe holds law degrees from University of Zambia and the University of Virginia as well as a Masters in Business Administration. He is also a board member of the Gulf African Bank

The PTA Bank is owned by eighteen countries of Easten and Southren Africa exceptSouth Africa. In 2000,Chinawas the first non-regional member state to join the PTA Bank.

Gondwe is therefore joining a smaller bank.

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