Parliamentarian wonders how one man parties will form govt

United Party for National Development (UPND) Bweengwa Member of Parliament Hive Hamududu has wondered how political parties without members of parliament will form government if they were to win the presidential by-elections set for 20th January 2014.
And Hamududu has said delivering a constitution before the 2016 tripartite elections was a basic minimum which must be met at all cost.
Hamududu told parliament Thursday afternoon that it was surprising that political parties without members of parliament have expressed intentions to participate in the presidential by-elections and wondered how they would form government with eight nominated members only.
Hamududu said the presidency has been lowered to a point where people just go to compounds and pay people to take them to the High Court to file nominations.
And Hamududu has charged that the Patriotic Front’s biggest mistake was to fail to deliver the constitution in the three years they have been in power.
He said the constitution was so important and must be released before the 2016 elections even if it meant using ten percent of the national budget.
Hamududu said if the UPND wins the January by-elections and fails to release the constitution then they should also be removed from government in 2016.

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