Parody: Cho! Chise! Cho! Chise!

  1. When inspectors and a Zambian company hate each other, it’s called? ….Zam beef
  2. What is corporate cannibalism? …..When ZNBC advertises a rival TV channel on its own channel.
  3. I am a property grabbing victim, whose grabbers have the nerve to lambast me for failing to service their property, who am I? …..Lusaka City Council
  4. I am a reckless polygamist who is lamenting for over-marrying and over-producing children without increasing my productivity, who am I? ….ZESCO
  5. Victoria Falls has smoke that thunders, but what smokes and blunders? ….Dandy Crazy
  6. I am Guy, but not Scot free, who am I? ….Masumba
  7. When is 100% dressed as 50%? ….Presidential salary increment
  8. When is 4% dressed as 200%? ….Nurses salary increment
  9. What floats only when carried and turns into a mock coffin when Given in Winter? ….Pabwato
  10. What does 70mph stand for? ….70 ministerial political hacks
  11. If 24 hours ago I was one o’clock, now I am one o’clock, what will I be two hours from now?….MMD
  12. We are identical twins with bellies but one of us buries and the other batters, who are we? ……
  13. Is it mere coincidence that GBM is a typo for GBV? …….
  14. I have won more medical awards than all my fellow doctors put together, whilst on leave, who am I? …..
  15. I recently set up a prayer request line in the Kafue National Park, operated by lions, who am I? …..

Richard Wanga

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