Part of Sata’s disjointed, bizarre utterances in parliament

The following is the exact speech by “President Sata” during the opening of Parliament; 

…to introduce two people, one is the woman (Kaseba) on my left hand side, although she has made me stay upto now i haven’t died yet…but she is hell.. (MPs laughs)..then all honourable members you have seen the tallest minister of education Mr Phiri,.. where are you stand! (house breaks into laughter)… and from Cape to Cairo we only have one White man who happens to be the vice president, now am not very sure whether I have two vice presidents, one in my house and one outside, but the one am introducing is the muzungu, you have to be very careful with him because i was….I…im..Im..Im… imported him to come and help us through development DDSP in Mpika, and I also imported the current one and now i want to go and introduce the one incharge of DDSP not knowing the white man has left the brah…has left his zip outside (MPs laughs)…and then from there…, he proposed and married Charlot Scott, congratulations Doctor Scott.. (MPs laughs) And we have a replica here of Doctor Kenneth Kaunda, you can just know is heard… (breaks down while looking for the next page)..

I once came to this place 74 years ago, by then i was under… under the bra… Under the pillow of UTH not knowing that me i was going to parliament. I knew a person and a person next to me is also going to introduce…and i would like to introduce Mr Shack…Fackwell Shamenda.. (MPs laughs).. and our new president we read in the paper (meaning Hon Kambwili)…

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