Partisan police tear down campaign materials for opposition

Partisan police tear down  campaign materials for opposition

11045486_1043550355695714_408715513310318851_nPF cadres in police uniform have ordered police officers in Lusaka town to remove all UPND flags and campaign materials because, according to Lusaka province commander Charity Katanga, they have the potential to cause breach of peace since the country is not in campaign mood.

But the whole country, including Lusaka has lots of PF flags, billboards, and other campaign materials and no one has complained about it.

In fact, there are PF flags right outside woodlands police station in Lusaka.

Ordinarily, it should have been PF cadres in civilian clothes to remove UPND materials but it had to take PF cadres in police uniform like Katanga herself to remove the UPND flags.

Speaking on ZNBC PF news monitored in Lusaka this morning, Ms. Katanga said she has since summoned UPND leadership over the placement of UPND flags in Lusaka and possibly charge them with conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

It is not clear who the complainant in the matter is other than Katanga herself as the chief PF cadre in Lusaka.

It is not clear whether now she will also remove the PF flags and campaign materials in Lusaka or whether anyone is now free to remove the offence PF flags from various parts of the country. 12190839_1043550345695715_2987634719343173627_n

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