Passenger on lightning hit plane recounts ordeal

Passenger on lightning hit plane recounts ordeal

Swithin Haangala writes:

About the plane. On take off pilot warns us about storms and turbulence between Choma and Mazabuka as we take off.

As we climb, there is the usual turbulence, nothing untoward. We settle into flight and all is calm. I notice a turn and think to myself that the pilot is avoiding some clouds. We are now just over thirty minutes into the flight and by my calculation we are definitely between Choma and Mazabuka. The announcement from the pilot comes. We have started our descent. I feel relaxed. It seems the storm warning was just a precaution. And then a loud bang, a whoosh of noise and heavy rain pelts the plane. We lose altitude and start dancing in the air. Still nothing to worry about. The cabin attendant who is preparing for landing takes the seat next to me. “Time to sit down”, he tells me. I am seated, my hands now firmly gripping the seat rest in from of me. I let out a nervous laughter. “Are you scared, I ask him”. He smiles assuringly at me. “If I get scared how would you react with the other passengers.” A few minutes later and the plane has ridden the storm and he goes to his usual seat.

Everything is all calm, but I have a searing pain in my left ear and my head feels like it’s being torn off. I look around. Everyone seems calm but my headache and the pounding of the ear is becoming unbearable. After a few moments it calms down a bit and we land safely and smoothly. As we come out of the plane, we see the damage on the plane. Surprisingly all of us share the pain of the headache and the pounding ear. We seem to have just survived a near disaster but thanks to the pilots and crew, none of us realize the danger we have been in thanks to the Proflight crew. #ProudtobeZambian.

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