Pastor Chewe leads solidarity match for rejected Miles Sampa

Business at Southern Province Cabinet office was on Monday temporarily disturbed when a few Patriotic Front (PF) sympathisers besieged the office to declare their support for the provincial minister Miles Sampa.

But PF vice Publicity Secretary Bright Luhila said  Chewe has no blessing from the party and that the whole solidarity match shows disorganisation from the party.

The visibly annoyed Luhila described the gathering, as unlawful adding that that it is 100 percent beyond the knowledge of the party.
Sampa has faced resistance from his political opponents since his transfer by President Sata to the province from Lusaka recently.
The sympathisers, led by PF Kasiya ward chairman Smoke Chewe, said the solidarity march was a reaction to a story in Thursday’s edition of The Post, in which Mr Sampa was quoted as saying he is in Southern Province to stay and can only be moved by the President.

Mr Sampa was reacting to demands by 11 people, who claimed to represent 11 Southern Province districts, that he should be moved from the province as the people had rejected him.
The story says organising committee member of the Southern Province stakeholders’ meeting on the annexing of Chirundu to Lusaka and Itezhi-tezhi to Central Province, Grave Muleya alleged that the people of Southern Province had rejected Mr Sampa because of the ‘insensitive’ language he used against them.

Sampa told parliament last year that for a Tongas should marry Bembas for any of them to become president.
But Pastor Chewe said those trying to stand in Mr Sampa’s way are doing so out of jealousy and that their objective is to disrupt development in the province.
“The people who are fighting the minister just want to undermine government development programmes,” he said.
Pastor Chewe said the people who are against Mr Sampa and Government should ‘not use the cloak of tribalism to hide their hate for the minister and Government’.
He said Mr Sampa’s opponents are trying to paint a wrong picture that Tongas have not received the minister well when the opposite is true.
He said Mr Sampa’s opponents are wasting their time because the minister’s authority is legitimate.
Southern Province deputy permanent secretary Alfred Chingi told the sympathisers that Mr Sampa could not see them but he still appreciated their solidarity.
Police curtailed the solidarity march because the sympathisers did not have a police permit.

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