Pastor demanding sex from congregants

Aglow Church in Kabwe

Aglow Church in Kabwe

A Kabwe based Pastor calling himself Prophet Alex of Aglow Life centre is having sexual affairs with women he claims to be conducting faith healing prayers for, especially those who want marriage and the barren women.

Prophet Alex whose name is Alex Mutale has been said to be using Anaesthetising drugs on his victims, he allures them and asks them to drink the drug which he claims is anointing holy water to cleanse their wombs.

Prophet Alex’s randy episode came to light last week when the boyfriend to one of his victims caught him pants down at the lady’s flat. Alex pleaded with the irate man and has agreed for some compensation of K5,000, church sources have disclosed.

And some sources have said that Aglow Life centre, which is located at a disused bar in Pollen area is not a registered entity, but the man has been getting away by bribing officers from the registrar of societies’ office.

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