‘Pastor’ for Lungu arrested for sodomy

Police in central province have arrested George Siamwimvwi Luwisha, one of the blasphemous Pentecostal pastors parading themselves as ‘Christians for Lungu’ for sodomy.

According to a report at Kabwe’s Bwacha police.  OB 7650.16 reported on Saturday, Luwisha had unnatural sex with 18 year old Happyson Mwanangombe Nakoli compound over spill area. The victim was drugged and after waking up discovered seminal fluid on his anus, which was also severely injured.

In spite of the arrest, state house, using ex convict Gladys Nyirongo who runs river of life tabernacle is trying to secure Luwisha’s freedom. Both Luwisha and Nyirongo were in the team of some Nigerian ‘prophets’ secretly brought into the country and conducted a failed ‘prayer’ meeting at Kabwe Hindu Hall on Friday.

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