Pastor Lungu says maybe Namulambe has a point

Namulambe is defending what he considers to be Mwanawasa' legacy

Namulambe is defending what he considers to be Mwanawasa' legacy

Evangelical youth alliance international president Moses Lungu has toned down on his attacks on science technology and vocational training minister Gabriel Namulambe, according to QFM radio.

Rev. Lungu last week called for Mr. Namulambe to be relieved of his duties as government minister for saying that the Lamba people are frustrated, hurt and injured by constant attacks on the late president Levy Mwanawasa’s legacy.

But in an apparent shift of positions over the issue, rev Lungu says there could be merit in Mr. Namulambe’s statement.

He has since called on president Banda to adequately investigate the issue and deal with the people perpetrating tribalism even in government.

Rev Lungu maintains that president Banda is a Good man and that he possesses good leadership qualities but some failing government departments are denting his image.

He gave an example of the drug and enforcement (DEC) where he says Lamba’s have be either transferred to remote areas or asked to stay at home.

Rev. Lungu says such actions might have prompted Mr. Namulambe to voice out his concerns in the media because it pains him.

He says much as Mr Mumulambe should be condemned and reprimanded the real people perpetrating tribalism should not got scot free.

Rev. Lungu further says there is need for the system to allow people charged with national responsibilities to freely access the president.

He says maybe Mr. Namulambe would not have burst in the media if he had an opportunity to dialogue with for president over the issue.

And rev. Lungu says people that are perpetrating violence should be dealt with severely because the country risk experiencing a genocide if they are let on the loose.

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