Pastor Nevers Mumba resorts to thuggery

Pastor Nevers Mumba resorts to thuggery

The following verbatim statement was sent to the Watchdog by a group calling itself True Blue and supporting Felix Mutati for the MMD presidency:

Arcades Shopping Mall this afternoon, 14th May, 2012, became a hive of political confrontation when angry members from Pastor Nevers Mumba’s camp led by Mr. Bowman Lusambo akas Die-hard, Mr. Maimisa and Mr. Lengwe arrived in a Toyota hilux. Their mission was to coax the true blue members into believing that they wanted to use them for some assignment, lead them to the Toyota hilux and drive them to unknown destination where they could have been forced to disclose if anyone was sending them to ask the questions they have been asking about MMD Presidential candidates in the media, The Toyota hilux being driven by Mr. Lengwe was going to be used for the mission.

Understandably, the Nevers Mumba camp was disturbed by the article which appeared on watchdog yesterday where the true blues asked pertinent questions with regard to Pastor Mumba’s candidature and rumours that he planned to form a new political party in an event that he loses the MMD Presidency.

One of the true blue members, Dominic was roughed up and bundled into the Toyota hilux but quick response by the Zambia Police and the G4 Security at arcades saved the team and curtailed the abduction scheme. Dominic had his shirt tone and complained of general body pains. The matter has since being reported to the Police Post at Mulungushi International Conference Centre. Meanwhile, security at Arcades are calling for a security meeting as they took great exception by such violent behavior from what is supposed to be a Pastor’s camp.

The True Blues have since appealed to all members of the MMD to be allowed their constitutional liberty to question all Presidential candidates and that none must take that to be personal attack. When questions are asked, answers must be given. They have refuted claims that they belong to any camp and have indicated that their aim is to contribute to the selection of credible leadership for MMD. They have vowed that no amount of intimidation will take away their constitutional rights to raise issues that concern the survival of the party.

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