Pastor warns PF against removing God from constitution

Pastor warns PF against removing God from constitution

Pastor Choolwe writes????

Delegates at the NDF don’t take us backward.

You dare touch the Christian nation clause you will find out that we are meek but not weak. We have so many options from praying you out to literary mobilise to vote against you irrespective of party.

And some of you shameless NGOs be warned. We know some of you sometimes speak from your bellies not your conscience . But even if you are poor and speaking for your sponsors have enough dignity to preserve morals and our identity.

We closed this Christian Nation vs Secular State thing in President Mwanawasa’s time. The Willa Mung’omba team received enough spiritual and intellectual grounds as to why the so called secular proposal is total confusion.

WE ARE WATCHING and for defending the cause of the Lord we will speak, we will mobilise and we will act. Do not mistake our silence for being docile. Far from it.
CHOOSE WHAT TO PLAY WITH. Ask Nebuchadnezzar or Herod if you deem yourselves so powerful. I hope what we are hearing is not true.

My name is Pastor Choolwe. I am a bomd servant of Christ.

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