Pastors and prophets of fortune, part 2

By Arnold Shatunka

Another day of National Prayers has been called to pray for peace in our country. The question is; who has called for the prayers and fasting? Or who will preside over the proposed prayers? Will it be “Christians for Lungu” Dr. Dan Pule and his PF aligned Pastors of Fortune? Will it be EFZ going it alone or all Church and religion Mother bodies such as ZEC, CCZ, Islamic Council, Hindu and Baha’i Faith coming together to pray for peace? Of course the answer is obvious.

There must already be a gathering of Pastors of Fortune positioning themselves to showcase their incantation gifts on that day in anticipation of rewards from the PF. This whole activity is a PF campaign activity. HH is on record as having stated that he has written numerous letters to President Lungu seeking audience to resolve issues of political confrontation and violence between their members. HH says there has not been even acknowledgement of receipt of such communication from State House. So, how then shall we seek GOD’s miracle to end the current scourge of violence if President Lungu has rejected HH’s plea for a peace meeting? HH requested for prayer and fasting and the Church were mute until Edgar Lungu requested it. Why? UPND is currently on a 40 days prayer and fasting for peaceful election and no one has said anything in commendation.

It is a known fact that for as long as HH belongs to a non-Pentecostal (SDA) he will not be recognized as a Christian by most Pentecostal Pastors but the mainstream churches. President Lungu is their favourite because he is economically beneficial and a tool to further their hatred for Adventists. More question to ask are; which church does President Lungu belong to? What is his standing in that church? When does he attend church? Has anyone ever seen him in church except when he attends church as a government official? Which Pastor will claim to have baptised President Lungu? Yet the Pastors of Fortune claim that he is anointed by GOD. That LUNGU rhymes MULUNGU and go ahead to establish an organization called “Christians for Lungu” which if translated in local languages would be “ Akirisitu a Lungu” or “Aba krisitian bakwa Lungu” or “BaKirisitu bakwe Lungu”. Isn’t this blasphemy? Is someone using the ambiguity in the term “for” to create a deity out of Lungu? Which GOD anoints leaders in the manner Edgar Lungu was anointed at Mulungushi in Kabwe where opponents were beaten and thrown out of the convention?

A caution to Zambians is that of all religions in the World, Christianity has been the most abused. Even Adolf Hitler who was a baptized Catholic used it to kill millions of Jews while slave owners used it to justify slavery. Atheist abuse Christianity the most because they don’t believe in the consequences of failing to abide by the dictates of GOD’s Law. They don’t believe in the last Judgement or heaven. That is the reason why they always preach wealth here on earth and material blessings. They even kill when their interests are threatened. Christ spent 40 days and nights in the wilderness fasting and figuring out his mission and ministry strategy. Many temptations and options came to him presented by the fallen angel Satan. The last temptation Christ Jesus was confronted with was about glory and worldly wealth and fame as a basis for setting up his kingdom. “Satan says, “All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me.” Jesus replies “Get away, Satan! It is written: ‘The Lord, your God, shall you worship and him alone shall you serve.”(Luke 4:6). As Christ traversed the Judean desert, he was tempted by the Satan three times on three critical choices of alternative perspectives of his ministry of setting up GOD’s kingdom; Miracles-turning stones into bread; Messianic signs- setting himself on the pinnacle of the Temple; Acquisitions-by force or material purchase. Christ rejected Satan’s offers because Christ knew that they are the source of Satan’s power. The Story of Judas Iscariot and his attempt to dupe the Priests and the Levites using Jesus Christ is a tale of what misfortune awaits those who use God’s name to caress their greed for worldly possessions.

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