Pastors, pro-govt NGOs accuse post of hate journalism

SOME church mother bodies and civil society organisations have condemned the hate articles the Post newspaper has continued to publish against the Government and the people of Western Province, saying they could divide the nation and cause civil strife if left unchecked.

¨The Christian Coalition, Bishops Council of Zambia and Forum for Leadership Search (FLS) condemned the kind of journalism the Post was practicing describing it as retrogressive and antagonistic.¨Christian Coalition spokesperson John Mwendapole said the Post was an alarmist and was perpetuating a campaign of hatred.¨

Mr Mwendapole said the Post had drifted away from the principles of journalism and was now publishing messages of hatred which were likely to divide the nation if left unchecked.It is surprising that the Post is always negative about Government and they do not aim at building the nation but destroying it.

This is not journalism. They have stopped being objective as they used to be, he said.
Bishops Council of Zambia spokesperson Gibson Nyirenda described the style of reporting by the Post as pathetic. Reverend Nyirenda said the Church would not tolerate such kind of reporting as it was aimed at causing divisions in Zambia.
FLS executive director Edwin Lifwekelo said Zambians should note that after the failed pact between the Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND), PF leader Michael Sata and the Post had decided to enter into a pact aimed at destroying the country.¨

Mr Lifwekelo said despite working hard to publish hate stories against the Government and the people of Western Province, PF and the Post should feel ashamed that Vice-President George Kunda successfully represented the State during the Kuomboka traditional ceremony last weekend and later held successful rallies which drew large crowds in the province.


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