Pastors upset with Lungu for inviting Sangomas to exorcise State House

Pastors upset with Lungu for inviting Sangomas to exorcise State House

Information has emerged that President Lungu has repeatedly irked Pentecostal pastors who have been going to State House for prayer when he invited witchdoctors to protect him.

The pastors had warned Lungu  that he should not use the office that was used by his predecessor as the ‘mother curse’ lied therein. In view of the above, pastors from different pentecostal churches have been going to state house for prayers so as to cast out demons the seat and most state house workers have been attending these prayer sessions.

But to the contrary, President Lungu organized his own Sangomas to ‘exorcise ‘ the seat who have been more frequent to state house than the pastors.

The OP agent based at State House reported that there was kerfuffle at State house after the pastors discovered that Sangomas would  frequent the same premises they held their prayers sessions in.

“It was quite sad, two of the pastors left State House immediately after that revelation. Only one of them remained to finish the prayer session as there were quite a number of people from amongst ourselves at state house. The madam has been for prayers, but the big man seems adamant about it & prefers witch doctors.” He said.
“Actually, upto now only the President & his wife have moved into Nkwazi, the children are still at his former house, just on the other side. Prayer sessions have continued at his former residence with the children & madam but he doesn’t attend them. He prefers Sangomas. You see, pastors were so upset because they felt they were being mocked. And fun enough, we’ve never seen this Sangomas in Zambia, they seem to hail from one of our neighbouring countries.” He said.

It has also been revealed that during the time President Lungu was in China, the said Sangomas frequented Nkwazi house and his office until a day before he returned. President Lungu to this day does not enter the upstairs office which is the main one for the President & was used by Michael Sata. He has opted for an office downstairs which was just improvised since he refused to enter Sata’s former office.  The two pastors who walked out of the prayer session have since never returned to state house.

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