Patel still shocked at Lungu’s call for bloodshed

We are shocked and alarmed by footage shown on Muvi TV of PF candidate Edgar Lungu in Kapiri Mposhi in which he appears to make physical threats against the UPND.

The PF candidate sent irresponsible and confusing messages to his supporters during the rally. His use of a Bemba proverb which translates to ‘you can provoke a child and beat it’ is unacceptable and its use should be condemned by all well meaning Zambians.

As Minister of Defence and Minister of Justice his claims that PF can wipe us out and beat us is also unacceptable. Furthermore, his statement that the law is on their side is particularly troubling given he currently holds the position of Minister of Justice.

Lungu must be held to account for his comments and clarify his meaning. He should also be made to step back from his ministerial positions in the interest of free and fair elections. His statement raises concern that he may seek to abuse his position to influence the army and judiciary of the country in his favour.

In reference to the accusations that Lungu has levelled against UPND cadres we advise him to be careful not to speculate if he has no evidence in support of these claims. Baseless accusations will only serve to discredit him and undermine efforts to ensure a peaceful, free and fair election.

Violent acts are always condemned in the strongest terms by our leadership and we know that the way to overcome the violence against us is through the ballot box.

Dipak Patel

UPND Campaign Manager

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