Pathetic salaries and working conditions at lake Kariba Inns



I would first of all like to commend you for the job well done you are doing despite the government’s pressure.

I happen to be one of the longest serving employees at lake Kariba Inns that is in siavonga along the shores of the might lake kariba. With the coming of the pf government, we thought our prayers were answered in that His Excellence, the president of the republic of Zambia promised that all salaries be reviewed and the lowest paid would be between 1200K. And 2000k.

To my surprise, lake kariba inns has taken it up to there arms to pay whatever amount they feel like because they know that no government official would take them to task. The working environment is pathetic. You could be doing the same job as their fellow Muzungu but the muzungu guy would get even 10 times your salary. Regardless of qualifications, the treatment is discriminatory, as they refer all black Zambians to be thieves.

It pains so much that we Zambians are being ill treated, to add salt to the wound, Kwacha is on the verge of depreciation. You would understand if the company doesn’t make that much money, but we see the money, we have hundreds and hundred of people coming in for holidays and conferences. How would you get K193.02 as service charge when the company has hiked the room rates, food and conference facilities. These employers need to be shaken a bit but it seems every government official is relaxed.

I would like to challenge the minister of labour to show us what he is made of not them defending the president’s health day in day out…

Let’s not make a mistake in voting come 2016. Let’s not vote with the noise, let’s see would can restore Zambia.


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