Pathetic Service at O’Hagan’s Pub

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to inform you that I had a negative experience at your O’Hagan’s Pub last Friday 22rd February 2013 in Woodlands area. I got to O’Hagan’s around 19 hours and I was in a company of friends who were showing me Lusaka as I was visiting Zambia. We sat and it took 30 minutes for someone to come to attend to us. We made orders and still nothing came through. After 20 minutes another waiter came to ask what if he had been attended to. We made orders again and asked him to clean up our table because we found it dirty. The guy said we should give him a minute and he went for good. First of all, I recognize that you, as the reader of this letter, are not responsible for my bad experience, but I am still upset about the situation.

We stayed for an hour without service and we decided to go and make orders for ourselves at the bar counter.Atleast the gentlemen at the counter were very helpful and pleasant. So we started buying our drinks directly from the counter and we carried our own orders to our table. I wonder why you employ people who are selective when it comes to clients. My Zambian friends tell me that your pub is their own club as they are like residents and always hangout your pub. Based on their praises about O’Hagan’s in woodlands I was convinced that I will have an experience I never forget during my stay in Zambia. This was not the case and I must really say am so disappointed with your service.

As time went on we got tired moving from our table to go and buy drinks from the counter and one of the young men who work at the counter to be specific one with dread locks was really helpful as he left the counter from time to time to serve us. We thought the Youngman on that night was the waiter of the evening as he made us enjoy our evening, as the night unfolded we decided again to try our luck with your waiters. We called some lady and asked what her name was so that we could make orders though her. The lady had an attitude and she only identified herself as GRACE. She went back and we thought she would come back with our orders but she just went and stood near the door and that was a clear indication that she had forgotten about us.

As I was going to the rest room I overheard that same lady (Grace) talking in the local language with her colleagues and pointing at the table we were sitting that “Kawalala”.I by passed as she didn’t even recognize me that we had made orders earlier on. When I went back to my friends I asked them what “Kawalala” means? They told me that it is translated as thief in a local language called Nyanja. So it was a clear indication that no one was willing to serve us. I found it so upsetting that the service is so bad and that now your waiters call visitors thieves.

In addition to this allegation, it was also extremely inappropriate. I was so upset by the situation and shocked at her accusation that I left the Pub without having the issue resolved. My advice is please talk to your staff and possibly discipline Grace because negative staff like her will cost you lose popularity and market. Do not take your clients more especially your loyal clients for granted.

I feel very disappointed with this interaction, as I usually enjoy my experiences.

Disappointed client.

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