Patients: today govt will force you to take HIV test

Whether you like it or not, today you will be tested for AIDS.

This is because your so called president Edgar Lungu has decided that must be tested because he is cleverer and wiser than you and the UN.

So just prepare for HIV test today as long as you go to any hospital.

Advice to private clinics. If you want to make money while saving lives, just ignore Lungu’ stupid order and once people learn that you respect people’s right to medical choice and privacy, they will come to you.
But remember the dictator will come for you as the evil man wants patients to go through mental torture by forcing them to take HIV tests.


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    this is a good way,am appreciatin our president,he has bring life in zambia.

  • Foolishness at it’s best!

  • H.E has done very well to make it mandatory for HIV testing. Why fearing when it is meant to enhance our lives. Zambians wake up. The sun has risen.

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    Oscar Chibebe 6 months

    whether u test o not,if u hav it ninshi u hav it.its jst a matter of sumoning courage and test 4 this bokoharam “HIV”.Dspit it been a bitter pil to swallow.tamwangala bwino!

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  • Nothing wrong with this. Isn’t it mandatory for pregnant women with their spouses to undergo the HIV test? What’s the cry all about kanshi?

  • There is nothing new naimwe! We get rested almost all the time we go to clinic and hospital; they call it DCT. I always read what medical practitioners write on my file; bamacita Full Blood Count, then DCT.

    Maybe it is me only.

  • Besides let’s be careful with politicians… ARTs don’t only prolong lives but have adverse effects such as kidney failure (will you afford to dialyse these patients) liver failure (will you afford liver transplant) what is needed first is to revamp health sector to be ready to handle the proposed service? Ooo! they can also cause psychosis… So don’t be one sided only -PROLONGING LIVES???
    And does Zambia have the financial capacity after burning the market and the rebuilding of state house?
    THE BEST MESSAGE THE POLITICIANS CAN HELP IS TELL PEOPLE HIV AIDS IS DANGEROUS…! (They just talk anyhow cause they can now afford to send jets to pick their ARTs overseas…)
    Abstinence to the youth.
    Leave health issues to health professionals. He failed as a lawyer now he wants us health care workers to fail in respect of human rights!!! And patient’s rights???
    HIV management needs planning and brains not proclamation. It’s not a mouse task…
    Health care personnel, are they sufficient.
    South African now is training nurses to initiate ART due to shortage of doctors…

  • There is something wrong with the one who posted this. Why oppose when it for a good move to combat HIV

  • No legislature allows any health sector to force anyone to test for HIV. In developed countries even RSA a health care giver can be sued for thus. Jacob Zuma initiated what called “Providers initiated testing and counselling ” Thus health care offer the service to every client who walks in the hospital but via respecting patients rights thus refusal or agreeing…
    We health care givers were tried based on Ethics not dictatorship.

    • But same health care providers have been testing us without our consent.

      Only that people don’t take time to read through the files or to ask. They don’t ask when blood is drawn from them, or when any other specimen samples are collected.

      This has been going on. Why is it an issue now?

  • Government doesn’t have money for Medication..

  • You you don’t know a person… don’t be excited

  • On this one I dont what you think of me as what ever you think, this we didn’t consult

  • we will just be going to kuma n’gaga manje apa.

  • so what????????

  • one thing that the government doesn’t understand you must be ready and your mind must be set wen you go for vct, now imagine if you are forced and you are not ready for the results it will really destroy you, that’s why it must be done at your own will and time wen you are mentally ready,am socked medical pipo are brainless

  • Armageddon and blood shed supporters seem like a lot of them are positive,hence opposing the government move

  • Lol…..I want to join watchdog. I am a qualified journalist. You guys have a good sense of humour