Patrick Mwanawasa resigns as deputy PS

Patrick Mwanawasa resigns as deputy PS

Patrick Mwanawasa has resigned  from his government job as deputy permanent Secretary for central province.

Mwanawasa is involved in a court case in which he has been sued for adultery.

A Lusaka businessman has sued central province deputy permanent Secretary Patrick Mwanawasa for adultery, ie, having illegal, immoral sex with a person married to someone else.

Lombe Paul Ikechi Okpara has also sued foreign affairs permanent Secretary Ronald Simwinga for adultery with the same woman.

According to papers filed in the Lusaka high court, Lombe swears that his wife has admitted to committing adultery with both Mwanawasa and Simwinga.

Lombe therefore seeks to divorce his wife Musamba Samantha Mulenga Okpara because of her extra marital affairs with the permanent Secretaries.

What a disgrace of a son to late president Levy Mwanawasa.

But will Simwanza follow suit ? Highly doubtful

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    Dont hide my Name 1 week ago

    its good patrick has resigned on moral grounds, i wd love to see other civic leaders and ministers or presidential aides step down without hesitation and pride. Some of our leaders are worse than bad

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    At least the man has shown some degree of repentance and moral obligation!

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    ukukaka pipe has consequences pipo need to know that fact

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    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    This is the problem of appointing names and not people capable of delivering development. Otherwise it good that he is stepping down on moral grounds. Others would cling to their jobs until when they get fired. I blame also the appointing authorities. There is a system in Government of ensuring that those appointed to high positions are competent and would not let the appointing authority down. The next Government should be thinking of reforming and overhauling the entire civil service.

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    danny mwaba 2 weeks ago

    Even you ‘MAKAKA” do not know how to type your sentence,can you read what you have posted.

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    Mpundu 2 weeks ago

    To the poorly educated younger generation, you do not say “In lieu of a month’s notice,….” when you are actually serving notice! These copy and paste letters expose one’s lack of education! This Mwanawasa boy was privileged to have a top lawyer and state president as his dad (implying better education opportunities) but he cannot a write a simple resignation letter! Shame on our education system. I wonder what today’s komboni kid writes!!!

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      REASONABLE DOUBT 2 weeks ago

      HE should have used his native language to pen his resignation letter. There is no shame in doing so, Chinese engineers in zambia speak no colonial masters language. I mostly admire President Pombe magufuli of Tanzania who proudly uses Kiswahili.

      Lets get past this nonsense of judging the true education of an individual based on how well one spells “table” this trend has proven to be nothing but a false premise which will not take us anywhere