Patrick Mwanawasa tried to defraud UK university after failing

Patrick Mwanawasa tried to defraud UK university after failing

By Gregory Chifire

We are rather shocked by the gross political misconduct of Patrick Mwanawasa. We find that his recent behaviour and utterances are unacceptable in any normal society.

In a space of a very short time, Patrick has been quoted in the media insulting President Rupiah Banda, Mrs. Thandiwe Banda, and former Republican Vice-President Enoch Kavindele, his own uncle, Moses Muteteka and his own auntie Eva Mwanawasa. He also issued a disparaging statement against late president, Dr. F.J.T. Chiluba in 2010.

Clearly, the political career of Patrick is headed to the dustbin of history and does not represent or symbolise a budding political career of a youthful or young leader. This event also reflects the poor judgement of those persons such as Michael Sata and the PF that have hired Patrick and are using him to attempt to discredit President Banda.

By his recent conduct, Patrick has demonstrated utter desperation and he is keen to practice dirty and outdated form of politics just to earn him cheap political attention. With his form politics, Patrick has let down the many youths that wish to bring a breath of fresh air of integrity to our politics.

However we are not surprised that Patrick has failed to emulate even the principles practiced by his own father, the late president, Dr. Patrick Mwanawasa. President Mwanawasa would not insult elders or members of his own family in the name of politics.

Recently he has caused the suspension of Kitwe Mayor, when against all principles of use of public resources is alleged to have obtained fuel on the account of Kitwe City Council.

This is not the only issue that has put into question the integrity or lack of it in Patrick. We are also aware that he sought a refund from his University from the United Kingdom in a fraudulent manner. When he discontinued his studies in the UK, he forged papers purporting that his mother had sought a refund from the College and used someone’s account. He even jeopardised the job of this young lady by his fraudulent conduct.

We also urge Patrick to seek help for his known drinking problem as this seems to be the underlying problem. In this vain, he doesn’t seem to go into politics to serve the people but to serve his own selfish appetite for free things.

We therefore urge Patrick to desist from his shameful behaviour. It paints a bad picture giving credence to assertions that young people are not ready to participate in senior leadership when in fact not. It is people like Patrick who misrepresent the capacity of young leaders.

We also implore young people to ignore the desperate ranting of Patrick. Patrick should take time to resolve the crisis in his life such as the fraudulent fuel he obtained in Kitwe and the irregular refund of his school fees.

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