Patriotism: Mugabe sends police recruits to tour Zambia

The Zimbabwean government has sent police recruits on a tour of the liberation war burial shrines in Zambia and Mozambique as a way of “ensuring they are patriotic”.

14 officers, 100 members and 121 recruits are in Zambia touring Mukushi, Mulungushi and Freedom Camp.
Sending off the recruits at Morris Depot on Thursday, Zimbwabwe Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri said:
“It is my fervent hope and conviction that these tours will be an ideal eye-opener to those who had no insight into the history of Zimbabwe.
“This will definitely give an appreciation of the sacrifices done by our heroes, both fallen and living, and the need to guard our country jealously against neo-colonialism.
“The visit to the liberation war burial shrines like Chimoio, Nyadzonia, Tembwe, Mulungushi and Freedom Camp by you will undoubtedly shed insight into the sacrifices made by sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who lie interred in those sites.”
He said it should be realised that independence was never given on a silver platter, but it needed people who were not faint-hearted.
The contingent to Mozambique comprises 14 senior officers, 85 members and 77 recruits.


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