Paya farmer: Mpika college of Agriculture shut, police force students out

The Zambia college of Agriculture in Mpika has been closed indefinitely and students have been forced out of the campus by armed police.

For two weeks now, students have been on class boycott due to shortage of qualified lecturers, general decay of the college, lack of facilities and students being forced to clean the college toilets.

Students have also been boycotting classes due to shortage of books in the Library, the decision by management to grab students’ bus, restrict Internet to management only and shortages of chemicals and apparatus in the laboratories.
But today, Tuesday 30th September, at 05 hours, armed police commanded by the college principle stormed students hostels and forced every body to leave the campus saying the college has been closed.

Police forced students on to vans and bus and dumped them in town.
Police also confiscated phones of any student who tried to capture the operation.
By midmorning, students who most had no money for food and transport to travel to all corners of the country where they come from come invaded the small town begging for food and transport money while trying to contact their relatives.

The college is preparing to hold a graduate ceremony on October 10, 2014.
The college of agriculture in Mpika was opened in 1976 to provide competent human resource for the agriculture sector
The college offers courses in general agriculture and sustainable agriculture.

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