Kabwe council demolishes more structures

More than 50 small scale traders operating at the old bus station have received a rude shock after Kabwe municipal council destroyed their shops, with an illusion of building an ‘ultramodern’ bus station.

Only an old toilet building has been spared

Only an old toilet building has been spared

According to council public relations manager Annie Mumba the council intends to build an ultra modern bus station but a reliable source from the municipality have said the K2m allocated for the exercise is insufficient. The source further adds that senior officials have connived with some named councilors to carry out the project so that they can steal the money.

“These guys just want to steal the K2m grant they were given by embarking upon this fake project. The money is not even enough for the tarmac road and the place is just too small for an intercity bus station, they just want to find a way of stealing part of the grant and later abandon the project,” said the source.

The old station, which was mainly used by state owned United Bus Company of Zambia (UBZ) was closed about two decades ago because of poor sanitation and inadequate space to accommodate bigger buses that came with the MMD’s liberalised economy. Bigger buses in transist now park at Big Bite and Brimas where there are better facilities and the council has been charging the two private stations K1,000 per month.

Just last week the council was once again involved in a demolition exercise of over 30 houses built on land which has been sold to a Lebanese investor trading as Zalco industries, leaving the families in the cold.

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