‘There is peace in Zambia whenever Sata is out’


I love the work you do. You guys have shown courage and innovation we have not seen before in Zambia. You have showed us that it is not money or big newspapers that one needs to hold the government to account but that you just need the will and any platform. Keep it up. The whole country is following your work the same way an HIV positive person adheres to medication.

But my purpose of writing is to express my amazement at how peaceful the country has been these days president Michael Sata has been out of the country.

Have you fellow Zambians noticed that there was less national quarrelling in the few days Sata has been out?

Even ministers are happy that at least no one lost their job this last week. I am sure if Sata was around, there would have been re-alignments, fighting, battering of cadres.

There has been no drama on national scale and certainly no road accidents. And am sure at Mama Betty’s burial today there will be no violence because Sata is not around.

But you will see once he arrives.

I rest my case.

Man Muzo

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