Peasant farmers arrested for growing dagga

The Drug Enforcement Commission has seized 4.6 tonnes of cannabis and arrested 64 people from various parts of the country for trafficking in different quantities of the psychotropic substance.
DEC spokesperson John Nyawali said among those arrested is a 31 year old peasant farmer of Chisuta village in Chief Mwenda’s area in Mazabuka district. The peasant farmer, Strady Kaile, cultivated 2.1 tonnes of fresh cannabis by intercropping the cannabis with maize to avoid detection but was arrested after officers conducted an operation in the area.
In Mumbwa district of Central province, the Commission arrested two peasant farmers for trafficking in over 1 tonne of fresh cannabis.
Those arrested are Patrick Chanda, 69, and Clever Shamangombe, 30 who together cultivated 1.1 tonne of cannabis which was intercropped with maize and cotton plants.
Also arrested in Lusaka for trafficking in pure grade cocaine was a businessman of Kanyama Township.
Fredrick Sinyangwe, 20, was nabbed from town centre as he attempted to sell the narcotic drugs to some people.
Nyawali said all the suspects are detained in Police custody and will appear in court soon.
He also revealed that a Lusaka Magistrate court has sentenced two youths of Lusaka to nine months imprisonment each with hard labour for trafficking in cocaine.
Mateo Banba, 22 and Danny Njovu, 20 were convicted after being found guilty of trafficking in three sachets of cocaine.
The duo was last month arrested from City market when they attempted to sell the contraband.

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