Peasant farmers in Katete chase Tourism deputy minister

Tourism Deputy Minister David Phiri has been chased by traditional leaders in Katete District of Eastern Province according to intelligence reports reaching the Zambian Watchdog.

Mr.Phiri who is Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) Mkaika Member of Parliament has been in Katete for the past one week trying to recruit villagers including Village Headmen to defect with him to the ruling Patriotic Front.

According to reports, Mr. Phiri was yesterday chased by Chief Mbang’ombe of Katete when he went to see him because his subjects who are mainly peasant farmers have been mistreated by the PF government.

“When the MP went to see the chief, he was sent away because the chief said the PF government has failed to buy his subject’s Cotton and also failed to distribute fertilizer on time” the source said.

The source said Mr.Phiri has been distributing huge sums of money to people in the district and the traditional leaders have advised their subjects to do “ Donchi Kubeba” by receiving the money and not defecting.

“It is very funny here. It is like this donchi kubeba thing is now working against the PF. People are saying this is the same money that was supposed to buy our Cotton so let us get it” the source said.

The source said another traditional leader openly told Phiri that a bird in hand is better than two in the bush. “One traditional leader  told  Phiri openly in Chewa that he was better off being Deputy Minister because if he defected to PF he would not win because the people of Eastern Province can’t vote for PF” the source said.

The source further said that David Phiri was told to learn a lesson from what had happened to former Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu and Lameck Mangani who were used and dumped by the PF.

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