Pentecostal pastors gossip at State House

President Sata on Wednesday met 26 pentecostal pastors from various congregations.

But, the pastors who were led by Healing Word Ministries International Senior Pastor Moses Chiluba, decided to start gossiping and talking about other churches and pastors.

The pastors expressed regret at what they termed derogatory statements that came from some sections of the clergy within the Pentecostal movement against President Sata when he was an opposition leader.

They submitted that as Church leaders, they believed that God raises his anointed in various seasons and assured the President that they will continue praying to God to guide and give him wisdom as he leads the country.

The clergymen further stated that it was sad that certain pastors who wanted political recognition from the MMD regime went out of the way to utter embarrassing remarks against President Sata.


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