‘People are dying like insects at UTH’


I went to the bed side of my sister at U.T.H am telling u I cried what is Sata doing to Zambia.

People are dying like ants. Just imagine three wards being managed by one nurse! To make the matters worse a student

Just last night I spent a night at the hospital in one ward about 20 people died it became worse in the early hours of today around 01hrs.

Please Mr president I know u read watchdog look at the importance of the people that voted for u by giving them what is

best for them.

Why fire nurses if u know u have no plans just to make the people that employed you suffer remember for you to be in state house its because of the same people respect them there your boss.

If u fill u can’t manage ba sata step down before u land the country in more

And what u should ever remember is the same way u were
brought to state house that’s the same way u will be sacked out. When u
are sick u go to India use tax payers but u don’t remember to make
happy the people who employed u.

please i said please!!!!!!!!! ba sata work for the people dont just sit in state house and eat tax payers money


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