People are suffering under Lungu, says Mbulakulima

LIFE has become extremely difficult for Zambians; the economy has worsened and people are complaining, but Edgar Lungu and the PF are not listening to anyone and so voting them out of office is the only way, says Mwansa Mbulakulima. In an interview on Wednesday, Mbulakulima, the MMD national secretary, said it was unfortunate that President Lungu and the PF could not listen to peoples’ cries over the difficult economic situation. “Life has become extremely difficult for Zambians, the economy has worsened and people are complaining, but President Lungu and PF government cannot listen to anyone at the moment but voting them out is the only way they can understand the Zambian people. I wonder why people have continued voting for PF despite going through sufferings because PF has failed to run the country,” he said. Mbulakulima said the current economic situation in the country was pathetic as the living standards and poverty levels had continued accelerating due to bad governance. He disclosed that Zambians removed MMD from power in 2011 because the PF cheated them that they would have more money in their pockets, which they did not see. Mbulakulima said Zambians should be angry with PF’s failure to fulfill its promises by voting it out of power in 2016 so that another government should take over and provide the needed leadership.

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