People attend Sata”s rallies to listen to jokes-MMD

MMD acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu says Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata cannot claim to be more popular than President Banda in Luapula Province because people only attend his rallies to listen to jokes.

Mr Nyangu said President Banda is a leader of integrity whose campaigns are based on issues and not jokes.

He said in Lusaka on February 10 that President Banda has no time to discuss other political leaders because he has formed a pact with the Zambian people.

“Mr Sata is full of comedy and the crowds are fond of him, based on that and not that they take him seriously,” Mr Nyangu said.

He said the MMD has always shown its popularity by winning elections. Mr Nyangu said political parties should gauge their popularity through the ballot paper and not words.

“As MMD, we believe in action and not talk which does not yield anything. Come March 3, the MMD will win all the Local Government elections in Luapula Province and the parliamentary seat in Mporokoso Constituency,” Mr Nyangu said.

He advised Mr Sata to retire from active politics if he fails to tick in the forthcoming elections.

“Mr Sata cannot claim to be popular when he has never won Nyangu said.

Daily Mail

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