People don’t trust Gov, Parliament to give them a Constitution – Nawakwi

FDD President Edith Nawakwi says the constitution needs to be enacted by a referendum because people do not trust the PF government. She further stated that people have no confidence that Parliament in its current composition can protect the contents of the Final Draft Constitution.

Speaking when she gave a lecture on Democracy in Zambia at Mpima Seminary in  Kabwe on Friday, Ms. Nawakwi said the only way the country will have a document which the people will have confidence in is by ensuring that they are given an opportunity to have a say through a referendum.

“There is no trust between the government and the people therefore people can not trust the government to enact a constitution that epitomizes their aspirations.

“It is us the politicians who have caused this mistrust because politics have become a way of survival. Like my elder brother Munkombwe said it is politics of the stomach and people don’t believe in politicians any more,” she said.

She added “The government says it wants to take the constitution to parliament because those in government know that once the document goes to Parliament they will get to have their way.

People’s wishes are not being represented by their representatives because many  MPs are their to eat. Today they are voted for as the opposition to provide checks and balances to the government tomorrow they are appointed as ministers abandoning their parties. So the only way to have a constitution that everyone will believe in is by having a referendum.”

And the opposition leader says corruption will continue  to be endemic as long as the excessive powers of the President are not curtailed.

Ms. Nawakwi said the only reason why there is too much corruption in the country is because power has been given to few individuals who are using it to enrich themselves.

She noted that because of the over-centralized system of governance there is no equity in society as those in power are not interested in serving the people.

She noted that the only way to successfully fight corruption in the country is by enacting a constitution that spells out what those in power can do and cannot do.

“In this country there is no law that stops me from taking the entire Namwanga Kingdom to State House once I’m voted as President of this country that is why we are always complaining of Nepotism in Government. It all goes back to the constitution,”continued Ms. Nawakwi.

And when asked what she would prioritize when voted into office the opposition leader said ” if I can decentralize the governance system of this country then I would say I have achieved my goal of helping my country move forward because then I would have set a foundation for development.”

She explained that the only reason why the country remains underdeveloped is because the governance system does not allow people to think and act for themselves.

“Many people in this country grow up thinking that government owes them a life hence wait for government to provide everything for them. By decentralizing the governance system we will unlock the potential of not only districts but of individuals as well because they will not be waiting for instructions from someone in Lusaka to plan and implement developmental programs.” she said.

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