People dying from preventable diseases at UTH

Dear Sir/Madam,

Few days ago, twenty (20) adult Zambians died in the Department of Medicine of  UTH within a day. This is unusually dangerous, unprecedented, unacceptable and evil. This has been hidden by the department because some Senior doctors are implicated, and the heads of department are scared for their jobs.

The department of Medicine is located in E-block and filter clinic. It deals with male and female patient above the age of 16. On daily basis, unfortunately, there are between 1 to 4 deaths. Reasons include advanced disease, frequent shortages and small and frustrated health workers. These deaths are broadly discussed on daily basis, and there has been no change in improved care.

Few days ago(date withheld for now), twenty (20) adult men and women died within a day! The Department and the Director- clinical care have covered up this matter. This is irresponsible, unprofessional, uncultured unZambian and evil. They are among the culpritld. And they are more scared of losing their positions.

On this dark day for the relatives of the deceased, it is rumoured that though junior doctors had attended to the patients, some senior doctors on call were nowhere to been to review these patient. Why are they senior doctors? Aren’t they paid on call allowance?

In the past, deaths have occurred but not this high. Where a junior caused a death, he was suspended for over a year. When it was  the head of department involved causing death by carelessness, the department hid this information. They protect each other because  these position allow them to generate money for their pockets through research and cannot afford to lose the positions. The Director- clinical care never investigates deaths, and all he says ‘we will work on improving’. But this is his core business and he has failed for years.

Preventable death must not occur. An investigation by an ‘’independent’’ body should  be carried out. The coverup tells you that there are criminal networks in place  safeguarding positions. The networks are well controlled by the Medical Superintendent and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health. There must be no sacred senior doctors in matters of death of innocent. The culprits must  be demoted, suspended fired or charged.

Please, use this information in any way you feel.


Concerned Zambian

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