People of Western province happy with PF govt development projects – Seyuba

WESTERN Province permanent secretary Augustine Seyuba has expressed happiness with the development projects currently being undertaken in the area by the Patriotic Front (PF) government.
Mr Seyuba says the people of Western Province are happy with the development projects currently being implemented by Government in the province.
He said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the provincial administration has started working out modalities to ensure that resources allocated for the implementation of development projects are used for the intended purpose.
Mr Seyuba said Government has started implementing development projects such as the construction of schools, health centres and rehabilitation of roads, to improve living standards in the province.
“We are getting on very well with the development programmes and I am happy that we have continued from where the previous government left off.
“We are constructing schools, health centres and rehabilitating roads. The development projects we are carrying out are aimed at improving the lives of people in the province,” he said.
Mr Seyuba said the government will ensure that the province benefits meaningfully from the PF government’s pro-poor policies aimed at bettering the welfare of Zambians.
He said Government is currently implementing development projects which will have a direct impact on enhancing the social and economic status of the people of Western Province.
Mr Seyuba also said the 2012 national budget is testimony of Government’s resolve to tackle poverty in the country and making Zambia a better place for all, regardless of social status.
He said Government will ensure that there is even distribution of resources to all the parts of Western Province, to enhance development in the area.
Mr Seyuba said Government has started putting in place measures intended to make Western Province one of the most developed provinces in the country.
He said Government is in a hurry to bring meaningful economic development to the province and that he is confident that the current least developed province will record significant development in the next five years.
Mr Seyuba called on all stakeholders to work together to change the fortunes of Western Province.

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