People with disabilities block roads protesting against hunger

People with disabilities block roads protesting against hunger

Persons with disabilities Wednesday morning blocked Leopards Hill Road demanding better living conditions and accused those in government of being thieves. See the poor people in action here.

Just the other day, Council of Churches in Zambia general secretary Reverend Suzanne Matale said Zambians should brace themselves for harder times under the PF government.

Matale said the cost of living was increasing on a daily basis with very little being done to lower it. “Generally the cost of living is very high and Zambians should be ready to change their ways of living because I don’t see how their livelihoods will improve at this pace. They should be abreast for harder times,” Rev Matale said. She said the continued borrowing by the government was being done at the expense of poor Zambians. “The cost of living has gone up and also the issue of borrowing for the so-called development and security of the country is so huge that at the end of the day, it’s the Zambians who have to pay back. And as such, the government will try by all means to collect money as it can from the citizens. So they will find all ways of making us pay,” said Rev Matale. “And so far, we have seen very little reductions in the price of the main staple food mealie meal which is the main staple food for ordinary people and there is no reduction in the prices of the commodity.”

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