People won’t eat hate speech

PF must bring down the prices of tomato, beans,
cooking oil, kapenta, eggs and mealie meal.
It’s only four days before the end of 2015, PF
must fulfil the promise they made of creating
500,000 jobs before the end of the year.
Lungu promised to protect miners’ jobs on the
Copperbelt, he lied, jobs were lost in their
Miners went with a paltry K18,000 as retirement
Lungu’s cabinet is bigger than the cabinets of the
US, Germany and Spain all rolled up in one. It
requires Mulungushi International conference
centre to sit.
President Lungu airlifted 350 people to Newyork
in a US$300,000 chartered airliner. Among them
was a bunch of musicians, traditional chiefs and
praise singers, only to address a near empty UN
auditorium. Most delegates walked out because
they failed to capture the coherence and lispy
accent of his speech.
Consequently, his handlers advised him to dodge
a scheduled BBC interview because of the
embarrassment he caused to himself at the UN.
Lungu caused a stir at an Airforce annual ball
recently when he breached strict military
protocols by allowing unaccompanied female
groupies to mob him and take selfies while in
close body contact. Todate, it’s not known where the
first lady was in that melee.
In order to divert attention from all the above
failures and embarrassments, the PF resorts to
their age old rugged argument of tribalism against
Their message is hollow and unconvincing to the
Zambians as the citizens are united, well informed
and only want their food prices and poverty
brought down.
They can’t wait for 2016.

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