People’s uprising imminent

People’s uprising imminent


*… As voices of Many Hungry & Angry Zambians are loudly Complaining On Social Media & On The Streets*

*The civil and political insecurity of the ruling PF only serves to confirm that they too fear the 2021 election and continue to use the public order act to stop the opposition from holding rallies, meetings and even prayers. From the time Lungu ascended to power, there has been a relentless clamp down on opposition political parties, the media, and tightened oversight of civil society and the unfriendly churches, their latest victim being Kalaba.*

*By Daimone Siulapwa*

Failed leadership is the sum of a number of things, the failed economy, failed political policies, failed governance and the broken down systems that run the government, these failed sections of our society, in short translate into a failed state.

The civil and political insecurity of the ruling PF only serves to confirm that they too fear the 2021 election and continue to use the public order act to stop the opposition from holding rallies, meetings and even prayers. From the time Lungu ascended to power, there has been a relentless clamp down on opposition political parties, the media, and tightened oversight of civil society and the unfriendly churches, their latest victim being kalaba.

We are slowly beginning to hear loud and clear voices of Zambians from all walks of life on social media and on the streets complaining on the many problems we continue to face as Zambians. These voices are also becoming more and more defined by utter desperation and extreme anger at the status quo.

We are now also beginning to witness the emergence of a thoroughly radicalised citizenry on social media and in our homes who are beginning to stand up against injustice and brute repression of the current government, hunger and anger are becoming the order of the day in may households and workplaces, it’s a matter of time before this anger hits the streets.

The increasing number of bad policies or decisions that have been made or adopted by the PF government have left many businesses and homes broken down beyond repair and citizens are beginning to think the only way to win is to start to fight. Social Media taxes, traffic fines, wage increase for domestic and general workers are a few examples of the current blunders of the PF government.

The Patriot Front (PF) has a lot of work to do if they have to win the 2021 elections, as things stands, their chances of winning in 2021 keep diminishing and here is why they are loosing their votes rapidly: –

*Small Businesses*

The backbone of every successful economy worldwide, are small scale businesses. That is the reason why most government will introduce deliberate policies that enable the success of these small businesses.

Small businesses absorb most of the unemployed citizens and contribute largely to the government tax base. Low taxes, government deals, low interest rates, citizen empowerment and payment on time for goods and services delivered to government are among the issues that need to be addressed critically.

Since the PF come into power, it has neglected to manage or empower the small businesses, to an extent of falling to pay some businesses for periods of 3 years or more. Many small scale businesses have closed down, some have lost property, others have lost workers they can afford to pay salaries and many more have died out of depression.

Many stories are common knowledge on how some small businesses have borrowed money to supply government and have offered their personal houses as collateral to banks or private lenders and only to lose those houses because government has not paid them for services and good supplied at all or on time, the results has been catastrophic – death by depression.

The PF government will have to work very hard in the next three years or so to gain back the confidence of these small scale businesses, which translates to quite a huge base of registered voters countrywide.


When the PF come into power, they encouraged street vending without regulating them or putting in policies that would manage street vending. Fast forward five years, the same PF government under the guise of the cholera clean up, went on the streets with soldiers in full combat gear and brutalized our citizens in the name of cholera, sent them to the gutter to die from hunger without providing them with alternatives means to feed their families.

Many our our citizens lost their livelihood immediately, many households have been reduced to burgers in their own country, crime has escalated ten fold, children have stopped going to school and prostitution among our women including the girl child has become the order of the day, all in the name finding something to eat.

Worse still, many parents and teenager children have also been condemned into alcoholism as that is the only thing left to do with the unprecedented high levels of unemployment and also considering that it is now cheaper to buy alcohol than bread in Zambia.

The PF lost massive votes by this inhuman acts and they will have to work very hard to regain those votes.

*Civil Servants*

Retirement on national interest has been the order of the PF government’s unrealistic purging of all those perceived to support the opposition or having divergent views to that of the ruling party.

Job freeze, wage freeze and poor working conditions have also contributed to the demoralizing of the entire government workforce. Late or no funding of government departments and ministries from one month to more has also made work for government departments unbearable.

Adding salt to the wound, the austerity measures that government put in place only seem to target all other government workers than the top government officials who continue to enjoy allowances, international trips and brand-new government motor vehicles on the expense of others.

This high number of demotivated and unsatisfied government workers has lead to unprecedented leakage of government classified document into the public domain’s social media in a clear sign of revolt by government employees.

If anything, the only government workers that will vote for PF in 2021 are only those that are benefiting from the little resources these ministries are receiving. Unless things change within the next three years, most government workers will vote against their own employer, THE Government.


If there is a group of Zambian citizens that has been abused beyond mercy, the farmers take up the first slot.

Time and again farmers have been provided with inputs late and they have also been at the mercy FRA’s irrational payment schemes, which has left our farmers broke and confused on what to do.

Some farmers have gone for over two years or more without receiving their payment from FRA and as if that was not enough, they have been denied farming inputs for the next season because they owe from the last season. What a tragedy.

Since the PF come into government, the management at FRA has failed lamentably to manage the company and the food security issue of our country and current predications are that we will be looking for relief food next year if things don’t change.

The PF is slowly losing its rural vote with comprises mainly of farmers and is always considered to be the backbone of every government. But as things stand, PF will have to do more than just taking free chitenges to our rural voters to secure their 2021 vote.


Students from time immemorial have been brutalized by one government after the other, but the PF government has added a dimension of hunger, non payment of allowance and expulsion of students who have been seen to have opposing views to that of the government.

Fast forward to 2018, ex students have asked to pay back the study loans they got four years ago, an act that has not sat well with our society, considering the high levels of employment.

Students if not managed well, have the tendency and ability to drive a revolution and the PF government has to tread carefully with this group.


The current tough economic conditions and the highly perceived corrupt practices of some PF members has placed the PF in an unpopular position, and given the difficult economic environment characterized by high commodity prices, massive unemployment, and poor labour conditions, it is now becoming loudly clear that the PF will find it very difficult to win the 2021 elections unless they sort out the many issues that are challenging the citizens.

As things stand, all hell has broken lose, things are hot in the country, tempers are high and people are dropping dead one by one on daily basis due to the unprecedented levels of hunger.

Added to that, the trickle down effect of the unpaid or late salaries and domestics debit is now reaching the celling and the government needs to sort this boiling pot before it erupts like a volcano, bounced debit orders, no food in homes, evictions, lose of property, divorces, school drop outs, mental illusions and alcoholism are now the order of the day in Zambia.

How much more can the citizens bear before they finally breakdown breakdown?

Written by *Daimone Siulapwa

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