Pep Stores cheats workers on their gratuity

Six years ago pep Africa was sold and Pepkor Africa took over the company which saw a change of management (directors).
By law, all employees who where there are supposed to be paid their gratuity.
Our colleagues at Shoprite (which was part of Pep Africa) were paid their gratuity in the same year.
However, Pep Stores (z) ltd deliberately ignored to pay and did not engaged us on this matter until recently when the issue was tabled.
There hasn’t been any Formal communication from top management on this matter,but we are told by word of mouth that the company has decided to pay the gratuity according to the basic salary of 2012.
Now surely, is it in order for pep stores to pay gratuity based on the 2012 salary rate?  What value will the money have? Are they paying with interest at the current bank rate?
Why are they running away from paying at the current salary rate?
Since the company made profits from our money from 2012 to-date.
On the other hand, we even wonder if the company did remitte it’s statutory obligation to ZRA after the sale.
We appeal to the government through the labour minister to come to our aid and ensure that we get what belongs to us and that Zambian workers are not manipulated by these foreign employers.
Concerned Dynamo..

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