‘Perceived apathy should not be excuse to deny people referendum’

The Grand Coalition for a people driven constitution says fears by government that the referendum to adopt a new republican constitution may attract voter apathy should not be an issue.
Grand Coalition Chairperson Father Leonard Chiti states that Government’s fears based on the voter apathy witnessed in the recent past elections should not be a worry saying people will be easily mobilized to vote in the referendum.
Father Chiti recalls that in 1969 when Zambia held the first and only referendum all relevant stakeholders ranging from government to ordinary citizens went round sensitizing the people on the need to vote in the referendum.
He says therefore voter apathy should not be should not a scapegoat for government to refuse to hold a referendum before the 2016 general elections.
He adds that it is not too late for government to hold a referendum and abandon the proposal to amend the constitution in piecemeal form.
Father Chiti, who is also Jesuit Center for Theological Reflections (JCTR) Director has asked government not to worry about the apathy that may characterize the referendum because the people will turn out in large numbers to vote.

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