Perceived whistle blowers recalled from Zambian mission in US

After startling revelations that the PF Party is milking Zambian Foreign Missions abroad of much needed cash, two senior officers have been recalled from the New York Mission after Ambassador Kasese Botha accused them of being the main suspects of the leak.

Katota and Munyonse who are First Secretary legal and Accountant respectively have been summoned to Foreign Affairs in Lusaka to answer charges of ‘whistle blowing’ and had their postings terminated without due process.

Impeccable sources abroad however reveal that the officers unfairly dismissed are innocent, and are sacrificial lambs whose termination is meant to scare others in Zambian Missions abroad to keep their mouths shut, as the PF plunders tax payers’ money.

Last week information filtered through that the PF is instructing Missions abroad to remit huge amounts of money back home for party activities to private accounts of dubious characters, and that the UN Mission in New York was the prime target as it was a recipient of UN funding meant for various Zambian peace keeping activities.

The UPND has recently expressed concern on unfair dismissals of civil servants who are perceived to be it’s sympathisers and have promised to reverse these decisions after August.

The UPND President Hakainde Hichilema told such victims to consider themselves as being on holiday and that they would get their jobs back once the UPND was elected into Government this year.

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