Persecution of the innocent defines demise of despots- Dr. Canisius Banda

ON FREEDOM: Father Frank Bwalya must be released NOW! His arrest is the arrest of freedom. No one should ever be arrested for expressing his/her opinion. No one. Nonetheless, the persecution of Father Bwalya is merely in keeping with the nature of the struggle we are all engaged in. Evil does NOT concede to good without a fight. The freedom Father Bwalya and all of us are seeking cannot be denied, it can only be delayed. President Sata and his PF just cannot win when they pit themselves against freedom. Freedom/good will triumph in the end. And this end is coming soon. For as long as they [President Sata and his PF] oppose the cause for freedom, national development and prosperity, for as long they continue to oppose human progress, soon President Sata and his PF, rendered inimical to citizens’ interests, and cited as a hindrance and redundant to national wellbeing, will be swept aside as the citizens take Zambia forward. The cause for freedom is NOT stoppable. Victory is intrinsic in the cause. We urge Father Bwalya never to relent and to remain firm and peaceful during his incarceration because his persecution, albeit painful, is a worthy investment for Zambia. The persecution of the innocent defines the end/demise of despots. We salute you, Father! Soon, your efforts, our efforts, the people’s efforts, being in conformity with God’s will, shall yield the required dividends, and Zambia shall indeed be free [from tyranny, disease, ignorance and poverty]. Release Father Bwalya NOW! Abash tyranny!

By Canisius Banda
UPND Vice-president

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