Person who died during PF militia clashes not cadre but innocent teen

Person who died during PF militia clashes not cadre but innocent teen

Information has emerged that one of the persons who died during the PF militia clashes last week was not even a PF cadre but just an innocent teen.
Currently there is a massive cover-up by the government on what really happened that day and the number of people who died. It is believed that four people died but the police are only saying one person died.
The Zambian Watchdog has now learnt that one of the persons who died and the one the police confirmed was not a member of the two rival PF camps.
‘The deceased was not a cadre. It’s an innocent teenager who was riding a bicycle home and was caught up in the mix. Since the camp that was prepared i.e. the Kabimba/Mumembe with machetes had a dress code of regalia which they used to identify themselves with, anyone else without that regalia which including some headband and cloth on the hand was attacked,’ explained one person who was at the scene.
The source said the funeral of this teenager was held in Chainda compound over the weekend. According to the source, PF leaders including president Michael Sata would have attended this funeral if the deceased was a PF cadre.

Speaking of Sata, the source told the Watchdog that ‘No he could not go to the funeral house, else everyone would have known that the one who died in Chainda is a kid and not a cadre. This is embarrassing for him but everyone is wondering why he can’t act. He is indeed being held hostage.

Even the Post newspaper which is involved in this coverup because the owner of the paper is one of the key sponsors of the militia at first wrote that three people died. Below is what the Post wrote a day after the clashes:

ONE PF supporter has died after an intra-party clash which started on Airport Road and later shifted to Lusaka’s Central Business District.

By press time, three people were reported to have died.
The PF supporters, several who were wielding machetes, clashed after some attempted to stage a mock-coffin procession against some senior party officials.

Levy Mwanawasa Hospital executive director Dr John Kachimba said one supporter, whom he identified, died at the casualty section.

Police spokesperson Charity Chanda also disclosed the death of another PF supporter who had not been identified by press time.

The third could still not be identified by authorities and details were scanty.

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