Petand Mechanics And Transport, real slave drivers



Am sure most of you have heard of Petand Merchanics & Transport situated at Plot # 9587 Mukwa Road in Lusaka.
It is owned by a Yugoslav called Peter but mostly ran by his son Dan.
The transport officer who I will focus on is called Branco who is the modern Idi Amin. He is a brutal slave driver.
Am imploring the ministry of labour to investigate the prevailing conditions of service for the truck drivers working for Petand Transport. They are really slaves. I could not believe that this company is right in our hub where our galant ministers are.
Petand Transport gives their drivers 250 litres of diesel for a round trip from Lusaka to Ndola or 350 litres for another round trip from Lusaka to Sesheke. That fuel is not enough. The drivers may have been selling fuel along the way in the past, but that is not reason to subject them to slave conditions.
The fuel is not enough and the funny part is that drivers revert to driving at 40 kilometres per hour to save diesel as they are charged 50 kwacha per litre on every diesel shortage if they fail to arrive in Lusaka which is normally the case.
At 40 kilometres per hour, the driver will take 12 hours to arrive in Ndola from Lusaka with an empty truck loading only empty beer bottles for Zambian Breweries and the driver trying his level best to consume 100 litres one way and then after loading beverages will drive back to Lusaka at the same speed but now since the truck is loaded and heavy will consume more and reason the driver will try to use 150 litres.
Look at how many hours the driver will waste on a 4 hour journey. It is tiresome for a mere 150 kwacha ration for the driver and 65 kwacha for the lorry boy. This is a slave trip but listen to this.
A trip to Sesheke starts at 06hrs in the morning from Lusaka with 200 litres in the tank and 250 litres in reserve. The driver driving at 40 kilometres per hour only arrives in Livingstone at 21hrs with the Kafue Mazabuka road included.

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