Petauke Doctor with premature baby moves hospital equipment to her house

I would like to lodge a complaint through your office of which I feel as a
citizen of the Republic of Zambia this is utterly abuse of Authority /
Theft perpetuated by selfish individuals who is thriving on threatening

A month ago Dr. Kandiwo ( Mrs) married to Dr. S. Moyowabuya (Husband) had a 7 month premature baby in Chipata. The infant was brought to Petauke District where they live and work instead of having the child admitted at the District hospital they decided that it is was better to starve the other infants born prematurely and get the incubator GOVERNMENT PROPERTY and install it at their residence ( home/ house) which is called theft by public servant.

In my life in the government I have never head of a situation were a Minister or a high ranking Government Official who has been sick and the whole UTH equipment is moved to their bedrooms. But what this doctor is exhibiting is that he is above the law. In this big district which is in so much in need of every little resource the government is so much thriving to bring closer to the masses.

The movement of this much needed incubator was moved via the back exit leading to the mortuary so that staff should not notice it living the intended place. It had the full blessing of the Acting Medical Officer,
Human Resources Management Officer, Hospital Administrator and some Senior Nursing officers. This incubator helps a lot of infants who are born prematurely on a daily basis and has a capacity of two infants.

As if this was not enough the administration went ahead to assign some two senior maternity nurses to work from the doctors house night and day.

Complaints have been sent to the Provincial Medical officer but the man has not been helpful at all. This same doctor has made a mess and ridicule of the district administration because he feels he is above the law.
We feel whatever he does has a blessing of the Provincial Medical Officer.

The machine is at the bazungu house now.


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