Petauke electricity dealer and Dora Siliya charging ten percent extra on electricity units

Judo Supermarket in Petauke

Judo Supermarket in Petauke

Judo supermarket of Petauke’s new houses area is exploiting electricity consumers by charging an extra 10% on all purchases of electricity units, the money is later shared by the owner of the business with some senior Zesco officials in Lusaka and PF cadres who claim that it is a contribution to area MP and energy minister Dora Siliya’s community projects.

The supermarket sells the electricity units through a Karzang electronic machine but adds an additional 10% which does not reflect on the receipt. Some few Zesco officials benefit as commission for awarding the dealership while Siliya uses the money to finance the bunch of her thugs in the constituency.

According to Zesco dealership agreements, the vendor is supposed to charge the same amount as charged at the Zesco office and retain 3% commission but the supermarket has been hoodwinking people that the 10% is their commission. They have apparently taken advantage of the district’s remote location.

In addition to the illegal collections from electricity, Siliya has also positioned some PF thugs who are demanding between K200 and K300 from each long distance bus that passes through Petauke. The thugs are positioned at the Junction and most drivers and conductors have expressed dissatisfaction.

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