Petauke PF chairman storms hospital, insults medical staff

Dear Editor
The People of Zambia Voted out the MMD regime for various reasons and among  them was disgruntled cadres and i would like to appeal to PF to tame its cadres or risk being voted out power in the next elections.
There was drama at Petauke District Hospital this [Monday] morning when a PF cadre by the name of Grey Banda insulted medical staff including the Doctor who was found on the scene.
According to Grey Banda who is the PF Petauke District Chairperson claimed that the Hospital was very dirty and that the Government would not sit idle and allow this nonsense to continue at the District Hospital.
The PF cadre who came with two other cadres who he said were his body guards caused a lot of havoc leading to out-patients scampering in different direction and others seeking refuge in the wards while Health workers  were pleading with him to calm down.
Gray Banda claimed to have been sent by Msanzala Member of Parliament Colonel Lungu to sort out the hospital staff for not keeping the Hospital clean.
Many Petauke residents including patients expressed displeasure in the manner the cadres stormed the Hospital and appealed to the PF to tame its cadres.
Concerned Petauke Resident

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