Peter Cottan says wife denies him sex but wife says he is cohabiting with ZCAS student

Peter Cottan says wife denies him sex but wife says he is cohabiting with ZCAS student

Peter Cottan in the middle of women

Former National Milling Managing Director Peter Cottan has filed for a divorce claiming that his wife denies him sex.

Mr. Cottan has requested the Lusaka High court to nullify his marriage with United Nations High Commission for Refuges–UNHCR- human resource manager Lenny Cottan Nee Chona charging that his wife has been unreasonably denying him sex.

Mr. Cottan claims that he has not enjoyed normal and satisfactory sexual life since 2009.

He argues that after noticing that their four year old child has been affecting their sexual life; he decorated a nursery room for the toddler to be sleeping in but the move proved fruitless.

Mr. Cottan says his wife has without any consideration of his sexual feelings given no explanation and that his marriage has suffered irreparable damage.

He further accuses his wife of refusing to take contraceptive pills and that she had been forcing him to use male condoms which he dislikes.

And Mr. Cottan further alleges that his wife does not allow him to exercise parental role of his twenty year old step son Choolwe Chona.

But responding to Mr. Cottan’s claims Lenny Cottan Nee Chona says the use of a condom was a collective agreement as a means of safe sex.

Mrs. Cottan refuted her husband’s claims.

And on the assertions that she forbids Mr. Cottan to exercise parental role to Choolwe, Mrs. Cottan accused her husband of being hostile and unkind towards her son upon realizing that his alleged improper sexual association with a ZICAS student had been exposed.
Mrs. Cottan claims that her husband has since left their matrimonial home and is cohabiting with a Namushi Monde a ZICAS student who is his step son’s schoolmate.

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