Peter Cotton’ Superior milling robbing peasants

We are poor farmers who supplied maize to superior milling four months ago.

The agreement was that we were going to be paid after 30 days. Our maize was milled a long time ago and sold as mealile mealie meal but up to now we have not been paid. The 2017 -18 planting season has come to an end and we have failed to plant because we do not have money to buy farming inputs. We are also been denied entry to talk to the managing director Peter Cottan and his chief accountant. Mr Cottan doesn’t realize that he needs farmers more than they need him. What is surprising is that these crooks are still getting maize from farmers with a message that you will be paid after 30 days. If you have not yet sold your maize I would advise you to take to other milling companies and not superior milling.