Peter Sinkamba claims exempting SDA Church members from day of cleaning is unconstitutional


Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba has claimed that the exemption of Seventh day Adventist (SDA) Church members from the recently announced monthly sanitation day to be conducted on the last Saturday of each month does not auger well for other churches and stakeholders.

Sinkamba, whose party has been campaigning for the legalizing of marijuana, says the exemption of the SDA Church from participating in the day of cleaning on Saturday was discriminatory and unconstitutional.

‘No person in Zambia should be discriminated against. If church members of one church are exempted from compulsory labour and others compelled to labour, that move runs afoul with the constitutional imperatives and therefore illegal,’ Sinkamba claimed.

Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale recently clarified that SDA Church members are exempted from the national day of cleaning to be held every last Saturday of the month adding that he was engaging the SDA Church so that they can do the cleaning on another alternative day.

The same constitution that Sinkamba claims is being violated by exempting SDA s from the national cleaning on a day they worship their God guarantees citizens the freedom of worship and conscience.

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